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Why have a personal web page in this age of social networking? Why not let Facebook or LinkedIn or Google+ do all the work?

Well, for me the answer is simple: I want to control and own my own web-presence. I do not want corporations keeping track of my every preference in order to market more efficiently to me. I also do not want corporations keeping lists of my friends or acquaintances - or, at least, I don't want to make it inexpensive for them to do so. And yet I don't want to be a web hermit. Hence, this site, which is designed mainly to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, and to invite curious strangers in for a cup of virtual tea.

Feel free to click around.

Home is here... where the heart is...

Philosophy links to my University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh web site.

Music includes some home recordings of a few jazz standards, as well as some tunes I produced with Cheryl Foster, singer-songwriter (and wife) extraordinarire...

Photos features snapshots of my favorite places in the whole wide world... Including Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Utah's national parks, Yellowstone, and (not to be outdone), Oshkosh WI.

Blog will transport you to "Blog Here Now", my virtual scrapbook.

Contact describes how to get in touch me.